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are a bird in a cage

who wonders if you were created to

do more than cling

to a perch


watch others live

Inspired by Paul Laurence Dunbar’s poem, “Sympathy,” Breezy Van Lit composed You Are a Bird as an allegorical exploration of your spirit’s desire to be  free. This inspirational novella is written in 2nd person point of view and present tense to pull readers into the peculiar world of the protagonist bird—You.

“Refuse to be caged.” —Breezy Van Lit


  • BOOK TITLE: You Are a Bird
  • AUTHOR: Breezy Van Lit
  • PUBLISHER: Shimmer Tree Books
  • SIMILAR TO: The Great Divorce (C.S. Lewis), Jonathan Livingston Seagull (Richard Bach), The Alchemist (Paulo Coelho), Bright Lights, Big City (Jay McInerney), Animal Farm (George Orwell)
  • GENRE: Inspirational Fiction
  • SUBGENRES: Christian Fiction, metaphysical fiction, visionary fiction, fiction featuring animals
  • READER AGE: Teen and up
  • FORMATS: eBook, Paperback, Hardcover
  • ISSUES EXPLORED: Freedom, courage, redemption, faith, journey of the hero, spiritual journey, mental health, self-harm, confusion
  • PUBLICATION DATE: July 4, 2022
  • PRESS RELEASE: Download Press Release

Writing by Sean Coons