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Sheeps in the Midst of Wolves by Sean Coons

THE RIGHT TO BELIEVE: The New Struggle for Religious Liberty in America – nonfiction
Sean Coons, Contributing Author | Vide Press, Edited by Thomas Freiling

This compelling book offers thoughtful views on how and why America’s religious liberties are under attack today, and what actions can be taken to protect this important freedom. You’ll better understand the rich history of religious liberty in America and the reasons why it has become a lightning-rod issue that’s being debated everywhere from the media to the halls of Congress. The contributors of this book believe that religious organizations, churches, pastors, and ministries are subject to increasing attacks by anti-religious forces, and that the First Amendment preserves diversity, where people of different faiths, values, and beliefs can live peacefully together without fear or retribution from the government. They come from a wide variety of backgrounds, both personally and professionally, and each offers a valuable viewpoint based on their collective experiences. They all write for The Christian Post including Sean Coons, David Closson, Rachel Alexander, Nolan Harkness, Robin Schumacher, Will Vining, Wallace Henley, Karen Farris, Charis Brown, Marcus Tatum, Justin Steckbauer, Ron Hale, Nicole Hayes, Prashanth Daniel, John Tuttle, Greg Garner, Greg Sukert, and Mark Conn.

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