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Hangface at the Hove Festival, Norway
Hangface at the Hove Festival, Norway

As an international performing and recording artist, Sean Coons has worked with some of the top talents in the music industry—virtuosi of instrument and voice, gifted songwriters, and titans of production . . . Aaron Baker, Alan Barnes, Patrick Butler, Matthew Brookes, BTS Agnomen, Paul Barnes, Rhett Fisher, Micah Faulkner, Brandon Rogers, Theron Derrick, Jimmy Paxson, Randy Reeman, Jimmy D’Anda, and the Nordic living legends of Hangface, to name a few. 

Tours have taken him into the heart of darkness (i.e., Hollywood), up and down the coast of California, across the United States from Hermosa Beach to Florida, to New York, Las Vegas, Hawaii, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and the breathtaking land of the midnight sun, Norway.

In the studio, Sean has recorded with industry powerhouses Alex Greggs and Mark Kiczula. He co-arranged the album “Something in the Water” with multi-platinum producer Greg Archilla and singer Ginger Lewis in Nashville, Tennessee along with a crew of Nashville all-stars—Greg Marrow, Alison Prestwood, Michael Noble, Jimmy Nichols, Jonathan Yudkin, and Tony Paoletta.

Today his focus is on composing and recording cosmic music with The Möbius Trip, BTS Agnomen, and his son, Jack.

“El Velo” by The Möbius Trip 

“El Velo”
by The Möbius Trip 

“Open Sesame” by Sean Coons

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